ESTUHOME is your new home in Madrid and during the school year, it is an exclusive female residence.

Feel at home

We want you to feel at home. We have created a pleasant environment where you can enjoy your time at the university.

Newly renovated

We inaugurated ESTUHOME in June of 2015 after a complete renovation. We want to assure you feel at home during your universitary stage.


Our homemade meals are as healthy and balanced as possible. We have vegan menus, celiac menus and picnic options.


Located in Madrid University area. Most universities are within walking distance (less than 10 minutes to ICADE_ICAI, CEU, SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY, COMPLUTENSE.)

Madrid core

Located in the heart of Madrid, we are in a very well connected area, with many shops and restaurants in the surroundings.


We have a total of 16 rooms, available as single or double. You have the option to share a room with another student or have one to yourself.


We have A balcony of 25 m .Fully furnished with chairs,lounger beds, tables and a shower. This is a place where our residents can relax.

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