The Residence

June 2015 will be the grand opening of the new residence ESTUHOME in Madrid
Our residence is small but friendly.
As our residence is small, you are given the opportunity to meet all of our guests and create a pleasant family environment. However, we have opted for spacious rooms to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.
With a maximum capacity of 20 students, the residence takes up two entire floors.
The building is located on Fernando el Católico, 76 using a total surface area of 450m2.
Located on the 5th floor we have 11 single rooms and 5 doubles rooms, the common bathrooms and a living room with a T.V., coffee machines, a common refrigerator and microwave.
Located on the 6th floor we have the dining room, a study room, the kitchen and housekeeping.
We also have a nice roof terrace that you can enjoy whenever you wish.


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